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Peace is fortunate that we are able to serve as a gathering space for many community events, weddings, and other special events. Here you will find documents and forms to use our building and more. For any questions, please contact the office.

Peace Lutheran Church Facility Use Agreement

Adopted By Church Council on September 20, 2022

Peace Lutheran Church is happy to have your organization share our facilities. So that all church members and outside groups can enjoy our facility, we ask that you follow this guide and sign and return the Property Use Agreement and Release Form. A copy of the approved form will be returned to you. 

Requests for building use are managed through the church office. No commitment for building use is finalized until the Use Agreement has been approved and executed through the church office. Our first priority is to congregation programs and membership needs. Peace Lutheran Church reserves the right to accept or deny requests for use of church facilities. Approval for the use of the grounds and/or facilities of Peace Lutheran Church does not constitute or imply endorsement of a group, their mission, or their positions. Groups approved to use congregation facilities are not to advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by the congregation. Peace Lutheran Church reserves the right to deny use of church facilities or grounds to outside groups which promote that conflict with the mission of Peace Lutheran Church or the ELCA. 



1. Obtain and complete a Facility Use Agreement from the church office or at our website:

2. Attach any additional information you feel might be useful in helping to determine if we can accommodate your group.

3. Return the Facility Use Agreement to the church office and you will be notified whether it is approved or not approved.


FEES FOR FACILITY USAGE Modest fees are charged to cover the basic maintenance costs and the general wear and tear of the facility. 

Building Use For Members: For Members of Peace Lutheran Church there is no rental charge for the use of the church building or grounds. It is a privilege of membership. (It is assumed that they are already generously contributing to the facility needs through their regular offering. However, a $25 fee for single room space/$50 for larger space for custodial services is charged per event. Church Sanctuary




 Church Sanctuary

 Sound/Technology personnel Fee for 1st 2 hours





Fellowship Hall & Kitchen 



Gym (for individuals, or organized teams & groups) 



Small Individual Rooms & Spaces 



AV Assistant 



Pastor’s Honorarium 

$150 Suggested 


 All space reservation fees are payable to Peace Lutheran Church at the church office at least 10 days prior to the event. 

Personnel fees are payable one time per event and should be paid directly to personnel. 

Peace Lutheran Church reserves the right to waive the fees for non-profit service groups, to reduce the standard fee, or to negotiate regular, longer term building use for any groups. 



1. CHURCH PROPERTY. Church property will not be loaned, borrowed, or removed from church premises without prior permission from the church office. Church property such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc. may be used when using the facility under the rules herein.

2. FACILITY CARE. The church area used by your group must be left clean and orderly with church furniture and property returned to its designated place. Please turn off all lights and close all doors & windows.

3. KITCHEN RULES. The kitchen must be left clean and orderly after use. Garbage and trash must be bagged and disposed in the dumpster behind the church. Church supplies are not to be used except for church sponsored activities.

4. DISHWASHER ROOM. Use of church dishes and dishwashing room must be approved by Peace office staff prior to use. The dishwasher must be staffed by a trained Peace member. 

5. MUSICAL & SOUND EQUIPMENT. Permission to use the piano, organ and/or drums must be granted by Peace office staff.

6. NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL USE ALLOWED. All members of all groups using the church building or grounds shall abide at all times by a “no alcohol use” rule and a “no smoking” rule, including e-cigarettes or other electronic smoking devices, in all parts of the building and grounds, including, but not limited to, corridors, restrooms or parking lot.

7. BUILDING USE. The church facility may not be used before or after the reserved time. Only the rooms reserved may be used. All groups agree that they will ensure that all event participants leave the building after the event. As applicable, if a key or key card is provided, the group or member will be responsible for locking the room/building.

8. NO GAMES OF CHANCE. Gambling on the church premises is strictly prohibited.

9. SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH. The congregation seeks to provide a safe environment for children and youth. All users of the facility are expected to follow the guidelines of this policy including the following: • No fewer than two un-related adults should be present at all times during any program or event involving children. • Adult supervision is required at all times both inside and outside of the church property including playground and parking lot. • Children and/or siblings of the group members must stay with the group or under the care of additional adult supervisors.

10. NURSERY USE. The nursery facility is available, and our safety standards require that two (2) nursery care providers who are not related must be present to operate the nursery. At least one (1) caregiver must be at minimum, eighteen (18) years of age.

11. FOOD AND DRINK. Food and drink should be limited to designated areas. Anyone using the church property is responsible for cleaning up after each use, both inside and outside. If a private catering service is used for the event, the caterer must furnish all equipment (e.g. dishes, silver, table cloths, etc.) and remove immediately after the event. Storing of catering equipment is not permitted.

12. DECORATIONS. Decorations may be attached to the walls or doors with removable tape or fasteners that will not permanently damage the surface. All such decorations must be removed immediately and completely following the event. No rice or confetti may be thrown inside the building or on the church property.

13. EMERGENCY SCHEDULING CONFLICTS. The congregation reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of emergencies, such as funerals. Notice will be provided as early as possible.

14. BREAKAGE. All persons and/or groups using our facilities are expected to exercise reasonable care and judgment in such use in order to prevent defacement, damage or breakage. The person(s) signing the facility use agreement shall be responsible for paying costs incurred by the church in cleaning, repairing, etc. any part of the building and/or its furnishings and equipment which in the judgment of the congregation has been carelessly or irresponsibly subjected to more than normal wear and tear by the person(s) or group(s) involved.

15. SECURITY. The congregation works to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility, however no systems are foolproof. We ask that all users pay close attention to personal property and valuables, not leaving them unattended. Peace Lutheran Church or the congregation is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property. 

16. SAFETY. For the safety of the congregation and those using church facilities, Peace Lutheran church prohibits the following items from being brought into the church without prior approval. • Guns and Firearms • Bows and Arrows • Explosive and Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals and other Dangerous Items

17. RULES OF CONDUCT. Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug and alcohol abuse are strictly prohibited on church premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises.

18. FINAL DECISIONS. In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these regulations, or in the customary practices not specifically mentioned here, the Peace Lutheran Church Council or their delegated representative shall decide the matter and all individuals and groups shall abide by the Council’s directions or forfeit the use of any part of the facility immediately.


Peace Lutheran Church

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