Volunteer Opportunities

Are you feeling called to serve in your community? Peace has many different opportunities to fulfill that calling. Below is a listing of opportunities to serve at Peace.

Not seeing an opportunity? Contact us through one of our forms to further inquire.

Worship Volunteers

Communion Assistant

A communion assistant is responsible for serving communion bread, wine, or grape juice to the congregation. The job takes approximately 15 minutes during worship.

Scripture Reader

The scripture reader is responsible for reading liturgical texts to the congregation during the service. The specific reading(s) will be provided in advance.

Sunday Morning Volunteers

Nursery Room Assistant

A nursery room assistant must be available from 8:45a – 11:15a to assist in the care of children (suggested age 4 and under) during worship and education hour. 

Dish Washer

The dishwashers responsibility is to collect all morning coffee cups and run them through the dishwasher. 

*Training is required*

Faith Formation - Week-by-Week Wednesday Support

Maybe committing to a regular role for our Wednesday night programming wasn’t a good fit, but there are still plenty of ways you can support our Wednesday youth programs on a week-by-week basis:  

Youth Room Adult (3p – 5p)

Older students needing a space until their evening activities begin are welcome to be in our Youth Room.  Ages typically range from Grades 4 – 9. Most youth simply complete homework, play games, and/or visit.  No programming or leading is involved. We simply need an adult to be present and have students sign-in.

Meal Support (5p – 5:30p)

This volunteer simply picks-up pre-ordered, pre-paid pizza from Dominos in Willmar at 5pm, delivering directly to Peace. (Additional sign-ups for 1st of the month homemade meals are available by calling the office.)

Meal Clean-Up (after 6pm)

Volunteers clean-up in the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen following our meal time. Tasks include: washing tables & some chairs, breaking down pizza boxes and bring them to the out-door dumpster, tidying kitchen, cleaning out lemonade cooler, washing kitchen counters.

Tuesday's Table Volunteers

Tuesday’s Table is a weekly community meal shared by our local churches.  This is open to all – those looking for fellowship, those looking for a break from meal planning, ect. Peace hosts and serves this meal monthly, always the 4th Tuesday of the month.  The meal is served a 6:00pm.  Volunteer roles vary, and often include an option (like dropping off bars) for those who are not available during the meal itself.  Sign-ups can be done month to month, OR sign up for the year! 

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